NiceRink(R) 20’ X 40’ Rink-In-A-Box --- Just $449 CDN!

(DOES NOT INCLUDE required boards)

An easy, all-in-one solution for your outdoor rink!!

Rink-In-A-Box includes:

  • 34 NiceRink brackets.
  • One 25’x45’ NiceRink liner.
  • NiceRink repair patch.
  • One tube of 1 oz. adhesive glue.
  • One NiceRink Logo puck.
  • One instructional DVD for 20’x40’ rink installation.
  • One car window sticker and two helmet stickers.
  • Designed to be used with NiceRink plastic boards or 3/4" thick plywood.

Special Note:

  • We also have replacement liners to extend the life of your rink.
  • Some dealers may also carry lesser quality rink packages that are not NiceRink. Insist on the original, NiceRink, for quality and value.