Icing the World Over, BUT Keepin’ it GREEN

NiceRink ™ III

Recommended for Park & Recreation Applications

10 mil 4 layered, reinforced ripstop

NiceRink #3, our ultimate ice rink lining material has excellent puncture resistance, in conjunction with a -70F cold crack. Reinforcing filaments within the body of the material prevent further tearing or “zippering,” which means any cut that happensto get into a NiceRink #3 liner will remain small, meaning less patching to do in thesummer. A major advantageof the NiceRinkreinforced materials over "woven tarps" isthat they won’t get wind-whip damage, which means you won’t end up using a sieve for a liner after one year. Available in most 6 foot increments starting at 24’ wide up to what ever you can handle, and lengths in 5’ increments starting at 50’. 

NiceRink ™ I


6 mil 4 layered, reinforced ripstop

NiceRink #1 is the baby brother to our NiceRink #3 material. It is virtually the same material, just a bit thinner to cut cost and weight for less demanding requirements. NiceRink #1 still offers the -70F cold crack along with the ripstop reinforcements to prevent further tearing or zippering to help keep cuts and holes to a minimum size. Available in widths of 20’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 50’, 60’, and 72’ stock by any length. Wider widths available starting at 78’ and 6’ increments thereafter upon request. 

NRCS Economy Value Liners


Engineered THREE LAYERED liner for a LOW COST (3 layered Tri-Extruded Technology)

This HIGH STRENGTH engineered 3-LAYER film is offered as a less expensive alternative to our rip-stop reinforced liners. NRCS provides a low cost HIGH-STRENGTH alternative in a wide width, two side “super-white” film. The NRCS liner is not recommended for severely sloped sites. It is available in widths of 32, 40, 50, and 60 foot (80’ and 100’ by request at 10 cents per SF) by any length.

Ordering the NiceRink backyard ice rink liner is a very simple affair. After determining what size rink you’d like, add 5’ to the length and 5’ to the width to get your ice rink liner size. Examples: 35’ x 45’ rink requires a 40’ x 50’ liner, a 55’ x 95’ rink requires and 60’ x 100’ liner. This will give you 2.5’ of liner around the entire perimeter of your rink to go up the inside edge of the boards to contain the water/ice. ***Factory Tolerances; +/- 1% on widths, +/- 1% on lengths over 100’ & +/- 1’ on lengths when less than 100’. As mentioned in our NiceRink pricing, the sizes of liners available are dependent upon which liner type you select. NiceRink #1 material is available in widths of; 20’,30’, 35’, 40’,50’,60’,72’ stock and then starting at 78’ and every 6’ thereafter by special order. When the width of a NiceRink #1 liner is over 72’, the width must be the 6’ increment. For NiceRink #3 material, the liners can be ordered in most widths of 6’ increments starting with 24’ wide up to 198’ (Minimum length 50 feet). The NiceRink "CheapSkate" material is available in widths of 32’,40’, 50’ & 60’ stock. (80’ & 100’ available by request) If you have any questions, PLEASE call us @ 403-648-0940 for help!

All "NiceRink" liners are made to order, and each one is therefore custom cut to your exact specifications. Therefore, once your liner is "CUSTOM" cut it CANNOT be canceled. If it hasn’t been cut, we will be more than happy to either change or cancel your order. If you MUST cancel your liner order and we have already CUT it, there will be a 25% liner cancellation fee charged to your account.

We apologize for this strict policy, however we cannot be responsible for selling your custom ice rink liner once it has been cut, and will most likely be sold as a smaller size or reduced rate liner.