Plastic Thermoformed Sideboards

SOLD individually.

  • Dimensions: 18" tall, 4’ long, 1" thick.
  • Weight: 9 Lbs. 

They’re lighter weight, longer lasting and look that much better than wood boards!

  • Designed as the perfect perimeter board to be used with your NiceRink Brackets.
  • Engineered to allow for a full interlocking, hinged system.
  • Added stability: aluminum support bar at back of board adds stability on sites with slope and deeper water/ice.
  • Rounded rink corners: when locked together, boards can be swiveled to give your rink round corners.
  • Need extra support: lock a 1"x4"x19" piece of wood into the NiceRink plastic board and bracket. See pictures below.
  • Add Bumper Caps to the top of boards for added safety and padding.

Additional support: