We started from the bottom now we’re here...

Classic line.  It truly tells the story of RinkWater and the progress we have made over the years. 

Originally a concept put forward to solve a problem in a park design, an insulated fiberglass box was “jerry-rigged” with components, mechanical and electrical parts and some crossed fingers.  It did the trick in a pinch, but out of the design came sweeping change.  Although some park designers still consider our original design as sufficient for the parks they attempt to design, we pushed for more. 

We salute our original idea, but knew it needed to be more intuitive, more community resistant and needed to give volunteers total access to what they needed.  Our clients needed something with more features, more protection from the elements and more appeal to the projects they were designing for their customers.

So, as semi-perfectionists and unsatisfied with “good enough”, we went back to the drawing board…

What we came up with was starting to make sense- really starting to take shape.  Many features were incorporated that isolated electrical from the water service and gave volunteers what they needed to have everything in one place.  The enclosure was aluminum instead of plastic of fiberglass, insulated with real insulation and didn’t crack or break in cold weather.  The system ran off single phase power which was a huge addition and it really began to take shape.  But there was a problem….  It still wasn’t good enough.

We showed the RinkWater at a local Parks Association event here in Alberta and realized our tweaks weren’t enough still.  It was back to the drawing board for the third time.

Heated debates arose…. Feelings were injured and some Unsportsmanlike penalties were called (and loosely enforced)….  In the end, we all knew that it still wasn’t “there”.  Like a coach walking into the dressing room after losing the Eastern Semi’s, we proudly took our lumps and starting training for the next game – The next RinkWater needed more, needed to be better.