The RinkWater has the following features:

Exterior – Double walled construction with 1” rigid insulation sandwiched between aluminum walls makes the box virtually indestructible in community settings

    • Magnetic locks instead of latches or “T” handles makes for a smooth exterior and extremely difficult to vandalize
    • Bolt on lifting rings makes placing the RinkWater unit much easier than a fiberglass box or other non-rigid enclosures
    • Completely wrapping the RinkWater in vinyl does a couple of things:
      • The outside of the box stays cool in direct summer sunlight
      • Being that it already has a graphic, the vinyl virtually eliminates vandalism or “tagging”
      • If you considering a RinkWater, the graphics are completely customizable for sponsorship or advertising
      • Over time, raw aluminum can oxidize leaving you with a dull looking enclosure. The full wrap makes the unit unique and easy to identify over other power or tele-communication boxes
    • Keys are virtually useless as everything is accessible with keyless entry pad and proximity FOBs. The only doors that keys are required for is the power supply and the supplementary electrical panels which only have to be opened in case of emergency or if service is required

Interior -- Where do we start? Firstly, the fully assembled RinkWater unit costs almost the same as other competitors structure alone. You get a shiny box from them, but that’s about it…

    • The water service that comes up from the municipal supply is completely protected and easy to open and close from a small door that is activated with the keyless system
    • From there, the water passes through a water meter and a backflow preventer, two essential components to meet plumbing code in Canada
    • A simple ball or gate valve allows water to flow to the rest of the unit
    • A powered hose reel is the heart of the system allowing the community to wind up to 300 feet of 1-1/2” high delivery water hose. This reel can be custom sized for whatever style of hose you would like and the powered reel drains the system as you rewind it
    • Remember McDLT’s? Hot side Hot and Cold side Cold? (Phil Kessel does) Electronics don’t like heat or water. We placed them in a separate cabinet so they never touch or are affected by each other.
    • A 1500W heater with a separate thermostat keeps the winter out and protects vital components from frost. If the power goes out for a long time and the unit does eventually reach the same temperature as the weather, you are only replacing a couple of parts and fittings as opposed to rendering the unit useless and damaging the water service below ground.
    • All the internal parts are common. That means that you aren’t calling us for service as every item in the RinkWater can be sourced locally and replaced by a local professional.
    • We discussed the electric locks earlier. Each FOB is unique and so is the code for each specific user. If you want to remove access or allow access, simply use the fob and the weather-proof exterior keypad to gain access to the RinkWater. Also, the door relock when relatched so in case of a power outage, the box stays secure and the heat stays in. Depending on how cold it is outside, our best guess is that the box would stay above freezing for hours
    • Each unit is CSA Approved when it leaves our shop. Why? We want you to rest assured that each unit has been inspected and given the ok to go to work for you.
    • The whole point of the RinkWater is to keep heat in and minimize the workload on the heater. Opening up our competitor’s box is like lifting the lid on your piggy bank and watching the dollar bills float into the air. Only open the doors you need and shut them when you are done. “Were you born in a barn?” my Dad would say… Keep your horses inside by only opening the hatches that you need and keeping the ones closed that you don’t.
    • One more thing – Have fun. Engage your community and reinvigorate the volunteer spirit. We need people like you and if you have read this far, you know that you are the community leader that other depend on. You are the personality that has found you searching for a solution and likely the person “voluntold” to figure out a solution to a problem that is easy to solve. Call us and let us help you look like the hero that you already are