RinkWater Charlesworth Edmonton

RinkWater Overview

For many years, parks and green spaces all over the world have included a Municipal water source for bringing potable water to parks for irrigation, truck filling and ultimately providing a source to flood outdoor rinks in the winter time.  RinkWater is the answer to this problem.

During these years, many of these unprotected water sources have been frozen, vandalized and eventually abandoned leaving no options for building rinks and children no place to play in the winter. These standpipes also no longer meet plumbing code due to potential contamination from lack of backflow prevention and an unmetered connection to a municipal water source. Many attempts have been made to make this work, but usually the only solution is signing your life away as a volunteer, borrowing backflow equipment from your local Parks or Town department and hooking up hundreds of feet of leaky old firehose. When completed, all the equipment had to go into a heated garage (or home bathtub) to be drained, thawed and kept safe until the next flood. Do we have to continue? Obviously, this was far from ideal…

RinkWater is a heated and enclosed cabinet that not only protects the water source from the things mentioned above, but it does so much more!

The unit is a self-contained system for everything you need to have complete control over ice-making in your community!