RinkWater’s patented and tested design makes flooding rinks easier than ever.  No more truck watering or being hassled with renting a backflow preventer, begging local water providers to flood your community rink for you, or relying on the Fire Department to maintain the rink.


The RinkWater box is a permanent structure that sits in the park or green space and allows the park staff or volunteers access 24/7.  It contains the following:

  • Internal heater, with thermostat (tested to -50 degrees Celsius)
  • Powered hose reel
  • Keyless Bluetooth access 
  • Backflow preventer 
  • Internal light
  • Irrigation option

See the Features page for additional details.

The rink manager (or volunteer) simply opens the door, turns on the valve of the hydrant (which is protected inside), deploys the hose and floods the rink.  Once completed, the hose is rewound at the push of a button and the doors lock tight ensuring that everything is on site for the next flood!  It really is that simple....

Lower Cost

The last thing you need is extra infrastructure in your park.

The RinkWater service allows you to incorporate your rink management, irrigation control, grounding grid, backflow preventer, reel, hose, heater and lighting controls in one location.

In 2016 we identified a project where we were able to eliminate over $25,000 in piping and infrastructure costs by adding the RinkWater unit and eliminating additional piping in the park.  The park was poorly planned and the designer went with a complicated "DIY" rink box.  We were able to eliminate a point-of-connection and a bunch of wasted piping that ended up costing the community developer.  Plus, they still had to purchase a box to house everything that we have developed for you in a tight package.

Don’t waste precious time and money with a "DIY" design.  Call us today and we will customize your RinkWater unit for exactly what you need.

Durable Design

Community parks are not the place to put the cheapest, thinnest and lightest ANYTHING!  

The RinkWater is designed and built to be "community resistant".  What does that mean?  We love our cities but sometimes damage can be done by the elements or worse yet, the citizens.  We want to make sure that the RinkWater investment pays for itself over the long-term.

It is built with 1/8" aluminum outside sheeting formed to shape, with 1" of rigid thermal Styrofoam to keep the warm in and the cold out.  Not only that, but the RinkWater is wrapped in a protective vinyl that keeps vandalism to a minimum and allows for easy clean up.

There are also no protrusions, nothing to hook clothing or injure your community patrons.  

There are other enclosures on the market that have attempted to take the place of the RinkWater.  Spray-foaming fibreglass or thin stainless steel doesn’t make it stronger - it actually makes it clumsy and harder to maintain or fix.  Freezing cold fibreglass and slapshots also don’t mix. Don’t settle for inferior products!


Protect the Water

Water is more important than ever before.  Many outdoor rink concepts have a simple cam lock system that no longer meets plumbing code and puts your entire community at risk from cross-contamination through the winter water service.

The RinkWater unit uses a backflow preventer (double check valve assembly, DCVA), water meter as well as isolation valves to keep water from freezing and to isolate the entire winter water service.

Be careful when looking at similar products because not meeting plumbing code can be detrimental to your community!


Ease of Entry

Do you hate keys?  Do you hate dropping your keys in the snow? 

RinkWater uses a Bluetooth keyless entry system that is unique to each user.  Only the hydrant door and the hose reel door opens allowing access to only the areas needed for volunteers and community members who are permitted entry.  The hydrant door contains the light switch which lights up one (1) LED light inside the box so there is no need to work in the dark.

The doors are on a timer and re-lock within seconds of opening.  This system keeps the system secure and the precious heat inside the box.  When the rink manager is done flooding the rink, simply tap the button within the mobile ’app’ and the doors will re-open.

Power outage?  No worries.  The doors work off a striker system which means that if the power goes out, the box remains secure and keeps the heat in.  


Custom Look

No matter what application, we can customize the RinkWater wrap for your community.

Here are a couple units that were custom made, some of which are operating right now!