The RinkWater has the following features:

  • US Patent approved and Canadian Patent pending

Exterior -- The exterior of the RinkWater is built to be virtually indestructible in community settings.

    • Double walled 1/8" aluminum construction with 1" rigid insulation sandwiched in between
    • Keyless entry 
    • Magnetic locks for a smooth exterior and vandal-proof
    • Bolt-on lifting rings for easy placement of the RinkWater unit
    • Completely wrapping the RinkWater in vinyl accomplishes several things:
      • Stays cool in direct summer sunlight,
      • The vinyl wrap virtually eliminates vandalism or “tagging”
      • The graphics are completely customizable for sponsorship, advertising or community aethetics
      • Makes the unit unique and easy to identify over other power or tele-communication boxes
      • Over time, raw aluminum can oxidize, leaving you with a dull looking and weathered enclosure


Interior -- The interior of the RinkWater is well designed and equipped with the necessary infrastructure to properly flood your outdoor rink surface.

    • Meets Canadian plumbing code:
      • Contains a  backflow preventer (double check valve assembly, DCVA) and space for a water meter.
    • Internal heater with separate thermostat, to keep internal plumbing from freezing
    • Powered hose reel:
      • Wind up to 200 feet of 1-1/2" high delivery water hose
      • Powered reel assists with draining the system as you rewind it
      • Can be custom sized and styled with whatever hose you would like
    • Water service from the municipal supply is completely protected and easy to open/close from a small door that is activated with the keyless system
    • A simple ball or gate valve allows water to flow to the rest of the unit
    • Electronics are installed in a separate cabinet, away from any water service
    • All the internal parts are common, can be sourced locally and can be replaced by a local professional
    • Irrigation: customizable to include an irrigation source and an irrigation controller